benchmarking tool
saving time & resources
bnetwork is able to offer you a cutting-edge tool, that will give you an accurate & real-time viability study of a potential event destination. quickly & easily.
before you invest time & resources into validating for a new destination. we can help you quickly & easily gauge the capacity, the variety, and the estimated price of the accommodation there.
there are no hidden costs, this is an accurate and free simulation tool.
benchmark your destination
benchmarking tool
quick & easy destination validity study
this tool allows you to create an accurate simulation of your event in different European cities in simple & easy steps.
all you have to do is pick the destination & venue, list the desired hotels that are close to the venue, and that are suitable for your audience & attendees.
you will receive a unique & personal report on the projected housing offering for your specific event will be generated for you.
This can be used as an accurate validity study for stakeholders. It will double as a benchmark with CVB´s & hotels when we work on a detailed destination proposal.
benchmark your destination