accommodation specialist

integration & security

API & integration

streamlining the customer journey, consolidating information, and eliminating multiple authentications - integrating our information systems has become increasingly crucial.

at bnetwork, we utilize tried and tested, secure standard authentication technologies (OAUTH 2.0, OpenID & Bearer Token Authentication).

we offer several "plug & play" APIs, readily available for your use, and we are always open to customizing them to seamlessly fit your information system.

highlighting your offer

in a connected world, your participants are spoilt for choice.

by partnering with bnetwork, you can highlight your offer effectively, increasing its impact in the competitive environment of multiple channels. By having a greater impact on the hotel industry, we increase our bargaining power, and you increase your revenue.

  • we offer a range of widgets that adapt to the ergonomics of your websites.
  • we provide links to integrate the promotion of the offer into your marketing documents.
  • we always offer seamless interconnection to your information system.
  • we participate in google referencing campaigns to further enhance your reach.


security is paramount in every aspect of our service. Ensuring secure payments on our sites requires certification and compliance with stringent standards.

your responsibility is to ensure that your partner complies with the data protection rules defined by the European Union, as your participants' data should be encrypted, safeguarded, and traceable to prevent malicious disclosure.

dual identification access is essential to protect sensitive data, while a well-documented and regularly tested disaster recovery plan offers an additional layer of security. We prioritize reliability in our information system, and you can rest assured that we provide documentation to support our security claims.

from the outset of our discussions, we will provide you with the following documentation: an GDPR compliance repository, a PCI-DSS compliance certificate, and the necessary details about our AWS outsourcing partnership, which includes the backup plan, the disaster recovery plan, and the latest ASV scan of our infrastructure.