destination support


swiftly send requests to hotels and collect their offers

once your customer is reassured, you will frequently be tasked with reaching out to the hotel ecosystem to deliver an accommodation offer

you can conveniently monitor our progress in real-time through a dedicated interface, while the offer is presented via a website, granting your prospect access to comprehensive hotel information in your destination and interactive maps for geolocation.

our dedicated teams are at your disposal for any discussions or clarifications you may need. At bnetwork, we firmly believe in providing exceptional service and meticulous attention to detail. That is why we never charge for this service, as we are confident our commitment and dedication will shine through. We hope that once your client confirms an event, they will choose bnetwork's services to manage their accommodation.

in return for the insights we share, bnetwork only requests a guarantee of visibility. Your prospect can benefit from our outstanding assistance and make informed decisions without incurring any charges for our consultation.