sustainable leadership in hospitality


our purpose

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at bnetwork goes beyond rhetoric; it is a critical mission that we take to heart. Our approach is about embodying a commitment to the planet and its people, especially within the impactful realm of hospitality.

with the hotel sector contributing to 1% of global emissions - a figure set to rise with the growth of global travel - the urgency for change is clear, and the potential for impact is substantial.

in our commitment to sustainable practices, we are working towards ISO 20121 certification to ensure our consumption is responsible, and our influence on local infrastructures and services is considerate and beneficial.

our strategic approach

in order to pave the way towards a greener future, we have diligently curated over 50 recognized labels that guide our accommodation providers towards sustainability. These labels stand for commitments to comprehensive environmental policies, water and energy management, waste reduction, and responsible sourcing - each a step towards reducing ecological footprints.

eco-conscious tracker

in the spirit of transparency and driving positive change, bnetwork proudly features an eco-conscious tracker on our event websites. This dynamic indicator showcases the percentage of eco-friendly bookings, inspiring participants to make sustainable choices and visibly demonstrating and celebrating the collective impact of these decisions.

join us in our quest

when event organisers choose bnetwork, they are selecting a service that is not only highly reliable but also supported by technology specialists who share their dedication to a sustainable future. Our initiatives are designed to create a virtuous circle of improvement, demonstrating that it is possible to deliver exceptional event experiences while caring deeply for our planet.

together, we are also gently cultivating a tradition of positive impact, influencing the direction of the hospitality sector, and contributing to the establishment of standards for conscientious business practices globally.